Saturday, June 13, 2015

Campfire Cupcakes, need I say s'more?

It's June now and we at Yummy Stuff have made the (difficult) decision to break out our classic summer cupcake 11 days early. I know summer technically doesn't start until the 21st, but we just couldn't wait any longer - the S'mores cupcake is back! The looks on our faces (and the customers' queuing outside) couldn't be happier.

To me, the S'mores cupcake is the epitome of summer; it evokes sweet nights spent round the campfire, whether that fire be in your back yard or in the back woods. For the country-girl turned city-slicker, this cupcake is a taste of home. We probably didn't all have rural firemen for fathers who spent hours obtaining the proper permit and constructing a controlled burning area, all so we could safely toast our marshmallows to mouth-blistering perfection, but a campfire cupcake is bound to bring on your own personal nostalgia. From the first bite of rich chocolate cupcake and fluffy marshmallow meringue frosting - which may adorably stick to the end of your nose - you know this is going to be a good cupcake. But the best part comes in the form of a buttery graham crumb mound nestled at the bottom of the cupcake. It wouldn't be a s'more without a graham cracker crust, right? In case you weren't already drooling, here's a pic:

In other Yummy news, we are continuing with our vanilla cookies and cream cupcake from last month. Our customers threatened picket protests if we took away their new fave treat! We love it too so it didn't take much to convince us; I'm happy to keep snacking on Oreo-infused cupcakes. Twist my arm.

These sunny summer skies mean more yummy summer pies! Summertime favourites include coconut cream, lemon meringue, key lime, strawberry custard, and open-faced blueberry pies. Be sure to get your order in early, little birdies!