Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sweet Treats for your Sweetheart!

It's February now so we've all emerged from our Christmas Sweets Coma and are ready to indulge in the delectable delights of Valentine's day! And boy do we have your Valentine's treats covered. We have mini cakes for two, extra large chocolate chip cookiegrams (with your custom message written right on the cookie!), and jars of hugs and kisses. Yes, we have actually bottled hugs and kisses. (Naw, they're really our tasty sugar cookies but who's telling?).

February also brings with it a new cupcake of the month! We're bringing back an old favourite: our Red Hot Chocolate Cupcake. It's a cozy cinnamon spiced chocolate cupcake with a fiery chocolate buttercream, Think of a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate mixed with the spice of cinnamon heart candies and you've got this cupcake! It is the perfect treat to warm you up from that blustery February weather swirling outside. If you're craving something dangerously delicious, bundle yourself up against the cold and head on over for something warm and sweet! If you don't feel like struggling into those Canadian-Winter grade socks, boots, mitts, parka, and tuque, or if you're not part husky, don't worry - we deliver!