Friday, September 5, 2008

Granny Logan's Shortbread

Yes, there was a real Granny Logan and, yes, Yummy Stuff's yummy Granny Logan shortbread is made from her tradional Scottish recipe. Granny Logan was as Scottish as they come. Her maiden name was Robertson and she lived in Edinburgh. Grandpa Logan was famous for his rendition of Hail Caledonia!

As you may have guessed by now, Granny Logan was Morag's grandmother. Did you know that the name Morag is Gaelic?

Of course, we're keeping Granny Logan's recipe as secret as the recipe for Coca-Cola (we're convinced it's equally valuable). It's known only to Morag and her mother (who has a Scottish accent to prove her credentials).

What we can guarantee is that the mixture is entirely kneaded by hand and produced in small batches. A rare treat indeed!

Come and pick some up -- $6 for a package of six, or $1.25 for a single bar from the cookie jar.