Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy April!

Happy April! We made it! The Easter rush was filled with so many orders of yummy stuff it makes my head spin... we sure hope the desserts we made for all of you were well received and quickly gobbled up. Hands down, our hot cross buns are fast becoming a Easter tradition/ customer obsession at Yummy Stuff... they literally flew off the shelf on Friday and Saturday. Really, I'm not surprised- hot cross buns are classic bakery treats at their finest, so perfect for Spring celebrating and of course, for Easter!

Anyway, did you come here to find out our feature flavour this month? I have to say, this months cupcake is awesome- why? I could eat this cherry almond cake everyday for the rest of my life, and I would still love it.
 I want to describe my feelings about this cupcake as "a little bit retro"- like circa 1960's. I feel like I've most definitely seen a version of this cake while flipping through mom's old recipe collection. Or, maybe I'm getting a real retro vibe from the look of this little gem. Yes- it's a cherry almond cake with  (turquoise!) vanilla frosting on top. My favourite part of this cupcake is the pieces of cherry studded in the almond-y cake, every bite has a little "pop" of cherry-ness (maybe that should actually be "Cheeriness", because it makes me smile). Pretty please (with a cherry on top) come in and try one? 
PS- how much do you love the new cake stand? It makes everything way cuter, doesn't it?