Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

By the title of this post, I hope you have a clue as to this month's feature (or, more appropriately, features). Here's the thing, like I mentioned in July- Summertime is for cocktails! Whether they are fruity, bold, spicy or  salty, they go down best on the rocks and in the Summer.
Here's the other thing- people like different flavours, what if you don't want a Caesar? What if you want a Margarita?  Or, what if you don't want a Margarita? We hear you! Introducing: the Summer cocktail collection, brought to you by Yummy Stuff. Here's the menu:

1. Dark and Stormy (brand new and oh-so-yummy) is the perfect take on the classic cocktail- a ginger and Rum cake with a perfectly balanced hit of ginger and rum in the cream cheese buttercream, of course, there is also a zesty bit o' lime in there too!
2. Margarita. It's back, we love it, and we know you love it too! A delicious lime cake with a tequila spiked frosting and a sprinkle of flaky salt on top to make it authentic.
2. Caesar. My new fav, back for round 2- a Clamato and Vodka cupcake with horseradish cayenne buttercream topped with a sassy sprinkle of celery salt. Dangerously addictive with a little kick of spice- I  dare you to try it!

Our pantry is starting to look like an LCBO- I love it! This month, go wild with some bold flavours- they are the perfect addition to a backyard BBQ or a weekend at the cottage. We have had so much fun testing these recipes and coming up with new ideas, maybe we should do this every Summer? What do you think? What are your favourite cocktails?  

PS- Don't worry, Summer is not over yet, so S'mores cupcakes are still on our shelves!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A mid-Summer break...

Ahhhh... the August long weekend is upon us. It's the perfect excuse for the yummy staff to spend some time re-charging our batteries and soaking up some of this gorgeous weather we have been having! Our hours this weekend will be as follows:
 Friday, August 3: 10am 6pm
Saturday, August 4: closed
Sunday, August 5: closed
Monday, August 6th: closed

We will be back in the kitchen baking up a storm first thing on Tuesday morning. Have a fantastic long weekend!