Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy February!

In the time it will take me to write this post, about 5 centimetres of snow will fall, add that to the other 10-15 centimetres that has already fallen, and you get a nice reason to hunker down and get cozy. Seriously people, I haven't spent this much time in socks and sweaters in years! We've been under an almost constant cold weather alert for weeks, and the snow just keeps coming! All this being said, we can handle this. We will get through it. We are Canadians. Spring will come- until then though, ignore everything on your "to do" list and really try to enjoy the coziness that results from all the snow and cold. My favourite way to enjoy this time of year involves my couch, a blanket, Downton Abbey, tea and cupcakes.

Newsflash! Valentine's day is less than 2 weeks away. Have you gotten your sweetheart something yet? How about something sweet? How about something from us?! Luckily, we've got you covered with tons of yummy stuff for Valentines day. Even better? We've got a killer feature cupcake this month, guaranteed to get you through this snowy, freezing cold, windy cozy February.  How about a Passion Fruit cupcake topped with a dreamy and delicious chocolate whipped cream? What if I told you we took this amazing cupcake to the next level and added a passion fruit curd filling? Yes- we did. Yes, it's delicious! This cupcake tastes like a decadent dessert, but is so light and fresh with the whipped cream on top and the punch of fresh, tangy curd in the middle. I'm hoping you can pick some up at sometime this month, if the snow stops for long enough to let you outside to run up to our shop. If not, stay on your couch... we deliver!