Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cupcake of the Month!

Happy New Year! After a lovely extended holiday, we are back in the baking groove! I would like to take a minute to encourage you to break all your new years resolutions and come in for some treats... we are fully stocked everyday with super yummy goods. Resolutions-shmesolutions.

Speaking of breaking it off with resolutions... you might be interested to hear about the new cupcake of the month for January. This month, we are giving you your favourite comfort food in a cupcake. Think about your favourite sweet comfort food... now imagine if you could enjoy this in the form of a cupcake... meditate on this for a minute (try not to drool). If you thought about gooey, warm, hot-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies- I have a surprise for you: our cupcake of the month is "milk and cookies"! A chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake (seriously... this cupcake has the softest texture with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough baked right into it), topped with a dreamy-creamy vanilla frosting. But we are not stopping there- sitting on top of this gem is a tiny chocolate chip cookie.
This could be the cupcake to trump them all- please make a point of coming into the shop and trying one (or 4!) before the end of the month. Hey... maybe that could be your resolution!