Friday, March 7, 2014


February was quite lovely, wasn't it? despite the absolute freezing cold, lack of sunshine and all the snow, it was still just great. The Winter Olympics helped get me (and, I'm guessing most Canadians) through the slump of knowing that we're still in for at least another 6 long weeks of Winter weather. Also, there was a nice break at the end of February when the sun emerged and melted enough snow that I was able to emerge from my house without Winter boots on (although, I promptly changed my mind. It's still Winter, after all). The mild weather and bare sidewalks didn't last long, but knowing that we are officially "in" the month that Spring begins really helps brighten my mood.  
So, here we are. It's March. It's still -20 and it snowed yesterday. But Spring starts in 2 weeks! 2 weeks, people! Let's celebrate, shall we? How about celebrating with a cupcake? How about with our feature cupcake flavour for March? 
I get deja-vu every time I write a post for March. We've done the same delish cupcake now for years. It's become one of our signature flavours- people call and order it up all year round, but I'm so happy when we have it for the whole month straight, and I can snack on it any time I feel like. It's also the most perfect cupcake to celebrate the other reason March is great- St. Patty's day! 
In case you're new around here, this month (and every March), we're featuring a Guinness cupcake- yes, a cupcake with Guinness in it. The darkness and dryness of the stout really compliments the chocolate in the cupcake nicely. We top this charming little fellow with a cream cheese frosting spiked with a veeeery generous amount of Baileys. 
So, swing by the shop and pick one of these coveted little gems up- Let's celebrate the impending arrival of Spring!