Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back for round 2!

Ahhh... February. It can be a hard month to get through- Winter is in full swing, the holidays are only a happy memory and when the sun does come out, it only hangs around for a couple of hours and then it's dark again. But wait! There's a light! Valentines day swoops in mid month and saves us. I think there is a big misconception that V-day is just for lovers- I'm here to tell you its not, it's for everyone, young and old, who ever cared about anyone. Ever. Period. Let's celebrate love this month!
This month we're featuring a cupcake from a couple of years back and, watch out, it's red hot and delicious. It's a spicy chocolate cupcake with spicy chocolate buttercream on top- if you were cold before, this one is going to warm you up! It's a super duper combo of chocolate, cinnamon, chili and more. Get 2 and make sure you give one to your love this month- whoever they are!
Check out our facebook page for lots of other V-day treats we're featuring in the shop. We're also offering discounted downtown delivery on February 14th. Call or email us for details.