Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cupcake of the month!

Here we are, already. With the first long weekend of this glorious season behind us, all the yummy staff is looking good: well rested and a bit more glow-y than last week.

What is it about this time of year that makes me (everyone?) feel so... lazy and irresponsible? In my world, the best place to spend July and August is in a lounge chair- preferably in front of any body of water, with the following essentials within close reach: book, newspaper, another book, coffee (if it's morning time), or a mixed drink (if it's anytime after 12pm). The mixed drink thing is something I only ever want when the sun is blazing hot and thirst can't be quenched with anything else- It's not only me, as soon as the work day is over all of us flock to patio and backyard alike and throw back a few. This very reason is the inspiration for the cupcake of the month- it's inspired by a cocktail that screams "drink me when you're sizzling hot- I am REFRESHING". Are you ready for this? Because it is really exciting- we have been tweaking the recipe for a few days now and it's finally ready for unveiling. It deserves it's own paragraph and several exclamation marks:
Caesar Cupcake!!! 

Huh!? How can one possibly fit all of the aspects of a delicious Caesar into a cupcake and still make it taste delish? We did it, and it is good! It's a Clamato-Vodka based cake, with all the warm spice that you expect to find in a Caesar. Topped with a Cayenne- Horseradish cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with celery salt and topped off with a celery stick.

For all those of you who are skeptics, I challenge you to try one and not love it! For those of you who are under age, we've brought back a favorite Summertime flavor: S'mores cupcake: a chocolate and graham cupcake with a toasted marshmallow frosting on top. This one is officially in the "Yummy Stuff Classics" recipe book- when people order this flavor up in the dead of winter, we know we're onto something good!