Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Whoa?! Time Flies!

Poof! Here we are! It's already February 5th.... Yikes! Where does the time go? 
February is a great month. We gently start to shake ourselves out of our Winter-comas. It's also safe to start counting down to March 20th (the first day of SPRING!). To celebrate February this year, we thought we'd shake it up and change things a little. 
Introducing... German Chocolate Cupcake!
 A light-and-sweet, fluffy chocolate cupcake with a pecan coconut topping. That's right, a topping! NOT a buttercream. This topping is made from a top secret mix of deliciousness and then cooked on the stove top until it becomes all gooey and caramel-y, pecans and coconut get mixed in at the end. This is then scooped on top of each yummy chocolate cupcake. Then, I have the hard job of having to look at these baby's all day and not eating them. Please try one? You would be doing me a favour by getting them out of my eyesight. Plus, you will not regret it!
FUN FACT: German chocolate cake is a super popular, retro recipe I always thought was... well, German. But it's not. It's American, getting it's name from Chocolate maker Sam German, who came up with the formula for the sweet baking chocolate traditionally used in the recipe. Who new? 
Another fun fact: June 11th is National German Chocolate Cake day in America. I think we need to have more holidays celebrating desserts!