Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to us!

Yummy Stuff  is celebrating 4 years in Parkdale this Saturday! Wow! We simply cannot believe how fast time flies- and how much we love being a part of the Parkdale community. Y'all have been so great to us since we opened and it's been so much fun watching the 'hood take shape- so many new small businesses are bringing a whole new flavour to the community.  The next year promises to be an exciting one for us: full of growth and changes!    Since our customers are the best, our birthday wish for the big 4 is to celebrate you!

All day on Saturday, June 23rd, we will have free samples galore and offering our yummy red velvet mini cupcakes for 4 for $1.00!!

Yay! Come on down to the shop and celebrate with us!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello June!

Wow! Here we are again, already in the 2nd week of June- Welcome to the last month of the school year and the first month of Summer! Yay!
Before I tell you about the new feature flavor this month, I want to let you in on a secret. As I type this, our resident pie master is shredding a giant chunk of Gruy√®re cheese and cracking eggs- next to her is a big pile of local asparagus. These are the makings of something delicious and new at yummy stuff: Quiche! Yes! Yummy stuff introduced these little darlings last weekend to a lovely reception. Now, we have you covered for an easy-peasy, lazy Saturday supper. Grab a quiche and a few cupcakes for dessert and I'm quite certain your tummy will be smiling!
The new cupcake of the month is awesome- mixing the 3 greatest flavors in the world into one bite. A strawberry cupcake (with chunks of local strawberries in it) topped with vanilla and chocolate buttercream.
Neapolitan! Trust me, this one tastes just like the ice cream; except that it's cake, so it's way better!