Friday, June 6, 2014

They're Baaack!

It's so great when all of a sudden, you wake up and it's Summer! Schools out! Nights are warm! You no longer need socks! No more sweater! Yup- it's Summertime folks, the most wonderful time of the year! Actually, Summer doesn't technically start for a couple of weeks, but the 25 degree sunny weather this week is telling me it's here! Yay! We all deserve a huge high five for getting through a terrifying Winter and a cold, depressing Spring. All of that icky weather is in the past though- from now until October we can look forward to sunny skies. Come October, I'm sure we'll be craving a warm pair of socks and a roaring fire.

Personally, my official sign that Summer has arrived is when the bakers whip up a batch of our famous S'mores cupcakes. To me, they mean the following things: fun long weekends are on the horizon, barefoot is the new norm, mosquito bites on my ankles and campfires! Especially campfires. I really feel like Summer wouldn't be Summer without a S'mores cupcake from Yummy Stuff. Of course, that's why I'm checking in with you today, to let you know that my Summer began on Tuesday morning, when I was happy to come into work and smell the smell of toasty marshmallow meringue.

For those of you who are new here, let me first tell you that our S'mores cupcake are an official Yummy Stuff classic. They are the favourite of many customers, who ask for them every time they come in. Our S'mores cupcake is a moist, chocolate cupcake with this delicious buttery, graham crust sitting on the bottom of the cupcake- so, when you bite into it, there's this little hidden surprise mound of yummy crust at the bottom. Totally unexpected and completely drool-worthy. The topping of this cupcake gets me every time, it's not a butter based frosting, but rather a whipped, marshmallow-y meringue. Once it's piped onto each cupcake, the bakers torch it to crispy perfection with a little torch. The smell transforms me to a warm summer night under a starry sky sitting in front of a campfire and lighting marshmallow after marshmallow on fire. We all love them!