Friday, April 1, 2011

Cupcake of the Month!

Question... you know when you try something really yummy and you think to yourself "boy, that's delish! I wish someone would turn this yummy treat into a cupcake"? Yeah, we think that too...
That's why I am psyched to tell you about this month's cupcake- not only is it totally delicious, but it's a real twist on a classic, Canadian treat. Can you guess what it is?
Trivia: what famous no-bake bar, originated in the 1950's just south of Nanaimo B.C? If you answered the Nanaimo bar, you win! This month's feature cupcake is a Nanaimo bar cupcake- a chocolate coconut cupcake with a Nanaimo bar base and a vanilla custard frosting. This one just might be the cupcake that steals the spotlight!