Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The wait is over...

Seems as though Spring has FINALLY sprung over here in our neck of the woods! It was a long haul of a Winter, and I'm sure everyone can let out a sigh of relief that it's behind us.
We've had a busy Spring so far here in the shop- Easter kicked things off, then it was the annual "Spring into Parkdale" event (Success!) Then, last weekend, we spent time on tons of Christening and Communion cakes and Spring wedding events. Some really great looking cakes have been walking out or doors these days.

It's so great to see everyone out and about again- our little area of Parkdale certainly is seeing a renewed amount of interest, with so many great new shops opening up Parkdale is the perfect place to spend a sunny Spring afternoon!

With the ground warm and green and these lovely sunny days, we wanted to give you a cupcake this month to put a little Spring in your step. Something that is full of flavour, but still light and yummy. After much deliberation, we choose to give you something with a serious punch of flavour. I give you: a ginger lemon cupcake with a lemon cream cheese buttercream frosting. Of course, we also topped these little devils with a piece of candied ginger. These flavours go amazingly well together and pack a big bunch of flavour into a cupcake. Why not enjoy one this Saturday afternoon while perusing our great 'hood!

In other news, we've started featuring freshly baked bread at Yummy Stuff on Saturday mornings. This bread is particularly delicious and getting quite a lot of positive feedback from the entire city- it's made by Simon at Blackbird Baking co. Blackbird has finally opened a brick and mortar shop in Kensington, if you can't make it to Kensington for a loaf, c'mon by Yummy Stuff on Saturday morning! As a local resident of the neighbourhood, I'm happy to know there's a new option for some seriously delish bread!