Friday, April 10, 2015

Cheery Cherry April Cupcakes!

It's April and appropriately it's raining outside. But it's also warming up! Spring has sprung and things are beginning to grow again (especially with the help of this rain). All us Yummy Staffers have emerged from our winter hibernation and are now busy channelling the energies of Spring. We started the month off with a very hoppy Easter, full of robin's egg blue cakes and mini eggs! Now we're keeping the colours (and flavours) alive with our Cherry Almond Cupcake of the month! Maraschino cherries make the almond cupcake a nice cheery pink which contrasts beautifully with the teal blue vanilla buttercream frosting and red cherry on top! Maraschino cherries are not just for cocktails and Sundaes: they are the perfect flavour pairing for our lonely almond cupcake!

In other Yummy News we have put away the rich and warm pecan pies of winter in favour of the light and sunny key lime and lemon meringue pies of Spring and Summer! (I know, I know, perhaps it's a little too early to mention that most elusive and brief of seasons, but I shall be daring and invoke it: sing to me Summer, muse of fruit pies!)  Come by on a weekend when we roll out the pies and tuck into Spring (then Summer...soon....)!