Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gemma's Cake and Cupcake tower!

I think its completely necessary to show you the new "cutest thing Morag ever made"- I think that one of the reasons I love it so much is because it really celebrates the Summertime, it's not particularly for a boy or girl, or an adult or a child, it's just a party cake that makes everyone smile!
                    Of course, it was for a special little 1 year old girl who happened to have her party in a park... the kiddos and adults loved it!
Everything on both the cake and cupcakes is edible. Right down to the picnic blanket! 
We're getting ready for fun times ahead at Yummy Stuff: stay tuned for our new website reveal soon! With the arrival of Fall later this month, comes our transition into Thanksgiving and Christmas! More yummy-ness to come soon!


We are busy- September is hands down, the month to get married. It's also the point when everyone starts migrating back to the city after a Summer of weekends spent at the cottage. School started earlier this week, and everyone is getting back into the (dreaded) routine. I bid adieu to a lazy Summer last weekend, celebrating with friends, a bonfire, and few of those delicious cocktail cupcakes we were baking up all Summer at Yummy Stuff! Perfect way to end a perfect Summer! Speaking of cupcakes, the picture above might look familiar- this September we've brought back last years ode to Autumn- an apple cupcake with a layer of bourbon caramel sauce nestled between the cupcake and the cinnamon frosting. Apple, caramel and cinnamon?! Seriously, what goes better together than that? The caramel sauce in this cupcake is so delish, it's  worthy of a small bowl and a spoon- straight!