Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello... Mr. Mo-vember...

Just like that. It's November. The trees around these parts are looking pretty beautiful- but a storm blew through last week, leaving some trees in that naked-branch-baron-cold stage. I can't help but think about Winter starting soon. However, lets enjoy November- our last full month of this glorious season!
I don't know if you've heard but it's not just November. It's MO-vember. You may have noticed a lot of upper lips this week looking a little scruffier. By the end of the month, the scruffiness will have transformed itself into a proud, thick moustache! All of this extra hair is not by accident. The growers are raising money for prostate cancer research. Good for them! We really wanted to get involved with such a great cause- but we are, after all, a kitchen full of girls. So, we're doing the next best thing! We're donating 10% of this month's cupcake of the month sales to movember!
But! Wait! I forgot to mention the best part! The cupcake... you may remember this one from way, way back. It was delicious then, and it's still delicious now. It's a chocolate cupcake with a salted caramel cream cheese buttercream frosting. The kicker? The drizzle of caramel sauce on top of the frosting. It's ooey and gooey and the absolute perfect topping for this yummy cupcake. 
A select number of these little guys come with a fondant moustache too!