Thursday, August 14, 2014

Feisty and Zesty August!

It’s August and the summer heat is about to break with a thunder storm outside the shop window.  Whenever the big fat drops of warm rain hit the ground I like to pretend I’m in a tropical storm –there’s so much humidity and power in the air!  When I was little my concerned father would tell me to come inside, for fear that lightening would mistake me for a tree.  (As I grew taller, this fear became more of a pressing concern.)  I still do usually tempt fate for a few minutes though before the thunder cracks overhead chase me back indoors.  I think that the element of danger and the ensuing fear -à la the Von Trapp children- make the sunshine that much better when the storm passes.
We’re channelling this stormy energy and refreshing sunshine in our featured cupcake for the month of August. On the heels of the Caribana Festival in Toronto, we present a feisty cupcake whose colours remind you of a bird of paradise:  our Yummy Raspberry Lime Zest(y) Cupcake!  It’s our signature raspberry cupcake with a zesty twist –literally! We’ve added lime zest to the cupcake itself, which already has delicious fresh raspberries baked right into it, and topped it off with a lime zest cream cheese buttercream frosting, raspberry drizzle, and lime wedge. Even its description is a tasty mouthful. They are dangerously delicious, and yet the lime wedge makes them refreshing –much like a summer storm!

Well, the sun has come out again so I’ll give you some more good news. Or should I say: S’more good news? We still have our classic S’mores cupcake that was featured in June. It’s a summer favourite so we’re keeping it around all season!  When you finally pack in your camping gear for the cool weather, only then will we pack up our S’mores recipe, ready and waiting for the next year. In case you’re new to our blog celebrating all things yummy, our S’mores cupcake is a delectable chocolate cupcake on a bed of toasty graham crumbs, topped with a marshmallow meringue frosting that our bakers have caramelized to perfection.  Remember the satisfaction of having toasted your marshmallow over the campfire and not catching it in the flames (thus creating a mini torch with which to explore lost archaeological treasures like Indiana Jones), but instead making it bubbly and gooey and perfect for sandwiching between two graham crackers and a hunk of chocolate, and then popping it in your mouth and possibly burning your tongue but it was totally worth it? Yes, that exact feeling. Our bakers have captured it in our S’mores cupcake.

                Whether you feel like sitting by the campfire or dancing in the rain (or possibly both) we’ve got a cupcake or two to suit your mood...and more importantly your tastebuds!