Monday, September 14, 2015

Apple Cinnamon September

September brings crunchy leaves and nippy breezes, so we've brought back our classic Apple Cinnamon Cupcake! I know we're all partially in denial about the ending of summer, but school is back and the autumnal harvest has begun. These newly brisk mornings make me want to cuddle up with a book, tea, and sweet treat, so thank goodness I work at a bakery!

Every year I look forward to these apple cinnamon cupcakes. I am convinced there is a whole serving of fruit in each cupcake they're so chock full of apple! And then there's that drizzle of bourbon caramel sauce - MmmMmmMmmmmm! I beg the bakers to let me lick the spoon when they're done drizzling. It's the highlight of my day. To top off the cupcake there's an elegant swirl of cinnamon buttercream that's sweet and just a little bit spicy. With the bourbon and cinnamon this cupcake will warm you right up! In case this description is not enough, here's a pic:

For those of you bemoaning the fading days of summer, not to worry, we still have late harvest peach pies, and they are mouthwatering, if I do say so myself. When the juices bubble over and pool on the pan, it is one of my favourite things to scoop up and eat these puddles of golden deliciousness. Enveloped in buttery pastry, these peaches and their juice are even better!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer Time, Summer Tarts

Having grown up in orchard country, summer time to me absolutely, definitively, unequivocally means an abundance of fruit, and consequently, an abundance of fruit pies. Here at Yummy Stuff  we are positively bursting with blueberry, strawberry, and cherry treats! The only thing better than fresh Ontario fruit, I think, is that fruit wrapped in pastry and baked, or piled high on sweet pastry cream. Give me a glass of lemonade and strawberry custard tart any day.

No need for more words. Just pictures of pure deliciousness.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Campfire Cupcakes, need I say s'more?

It's June now and we at Yummy Stuff have made the (difficult) decision to break out our classic summer cupcake 11 days early. I know summer technically doesn't start until the 21st, but we just couldn't wait any longer - the S'mores cupcake is back! The looks on our faces (and the customers' queuing outside) couldn't be happier.

To me, the S'mores cupcake is the epitome of summer; it evokes sweet nights spent round the campfire, whether that fire be in your back yard or in the back woods. For the country-girl turned city-slicker, this cupcake is a taste of home. We probably didn't all have rural firemen for fathers who spent hours obtaining the proper permit and constructing a controlled burning area, all so we could safely toast our marshmallows to mouth-blistering perfection, but a campfire cupcake is bound to bring on your own personal nostalgia. From the first bite of rich chocolate cupcake and fluffy marshmallow meringue frosting - which may adorably stick to the end of your nose - you know this is going to be a good cupcake. But the best part comes in the form of a buttery graham crumb mound nestled at the bottom of the cupcake. It wouldn't be a s'more without a graham cracker crust, right? In case you weren't already drooling, here's a pic:

In other Yummy news, we are continuing with our vanilla cookies and cream cupcake from last month. Our customers threatened picket protests if we took away their new fave treat! We love it too so it didn't take much to convince us; I'm happy to keep snacking on Oreo-infused cupcakes. Twist my arm.

These sunny summer skies mean more yummy summer pies! Summertime favourites include coconut cream, lemon meringue, key lime, strawberry custard, and open-faced blueberry pies. Be sure to get your order in early, little birdies!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Ore-oh-my! Cookies and Cream Cupcake of the Month of May!

The month of May brings with it spring buds, birdies, and a brand new cupcake of the month! You've made it through the dreary winter and the first few hesitant months of Spring, so we think you deserve a treat. Without further ado, let me introduce our new (and indulgent) cupcake of the month: Cookies and Cream! Its our light vanilla cupcake with crushed bits of Mr. Christie's ever-classic Oreo cookies baked right into the batter! We've topped these little beauties with a cream cheese buttercream frosting with Oreo crumbs swirled throughout and a mini cookie on top. But you want to know the best part? THERE'S AN ENTIRE OREO COOKIE AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY CUPCAKE. Done. Sign me up for a dozen please.

For all of you chocolate lovers, we have made a chocolatey chocolate version that has a chocolate cupcake base and the cream cheese cookie crumb buttercream frosting. Like Mozart, our bakers are artists who have created variations on a theme!

In addition to new cupcakes we have some sweet new decorated cookies for Spring. My personal favourites are the cherry blossom cookies! Soon the cherry trees in High Park will be blooming and I plan to picnic beneath the blossoming boughs and munch on these mimetic cookies.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Cheery Cherry April Cupcakes!

It's April and appropriately it's raining outside. But it's also warming up! Spring has sprung and things are beginning to grow again (especially with the help of this rain). All us Yummy Staffers have emerged from our winter hibernation and are now busy channelling the energies of Spring. We started the month off with a very hoppy Easter, full of robin's egg blue cakes and mini eggs! Now we're keeping the colours (and flavours) alive with our Cherry Almond Cupcake of the month! Maraschino cherries make the almond cupcake a nice cheery pink which contrasts beautifully with the teal blue vanilla buttercream frosting and red cherry on top! Maraschino cherries are not just for cocktails and Sundaes: they are the perfect flavour pairing for our lonely almond cupcake!

In other Yummy News we have put away the rich and warm pecan pies of winter in favour of the light and sunny key lime and lemon meringue pies of Spring and Summer! (I know, I know, perhaps it's a little too early to mention that most elusive and brief of seasons, but I shall be daring and invoke it: sing to me Summer, muse of fruit pies!)  Come by on a weekend when we roll out the pies and tuck into Spring (then Summer...soon....)!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You know what March means...

It's March, which we all know means it's time to think Spring (and maybe the weather will warm up under the force of our collective will!). The weather is gradually warming up - I even undid a couple buttons on my jacket while walking to work this morning. Negative five is practically a tropical paradise these days. Of course, we still have a foot of snow, but birds are returning! Spring is determinately on its way! Spring time means green things: leaves, grass, Ireland, St. Patrick's Day. Here at Yummy Stuff we like to get in touch with our Irish roots with a dark and dreamy Guinness Cupcake of the Month. We pair this Guinness spiked chocolate cupcake with a smooth Bailey's infused cream cheese buttercream frosting - like the foamy head on your pint at the pub! Just look at this beauty:

The best part about this cupcake? You don't have to wait until after noon to eat it! There's no shame in day-cupcake-eating!

We here at Yummy Stuff also love March for one nerdy reason: Pi(e) Day, March 14th! Being a bakeshop, we tend to embrace the pastry side of this informal holiday, but if you know Pi to more than 3 decimal places, come on in and impress us! I think the current calculation is up 10 trillion places and counting...While you're in the shop doing homage to Greek mathematicians, why not pick up a tasty apple or pecan pie?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sweet Treats for your Sweetheart!

It's February now so we've all emerged from our Christmas Sweets Coma and are ready to indulge in the delectable delights of Valentine's day! And boy do we have your Valentine's treats covered. We have mini cakes for two, extra large chocolate chip cookiegrams (with your custom message written right on the cookie!), and jars of hugs and kisses. Yes, we have actually bottled hugs and kisses. (Naw, they're really our tasty sugar cookies but who's telling?).

February also brings with it a new cupcake of the month! We're bringing back an old favourite: our Red Hot Chocolate Cupcake. It's a cozy cinnamon spiced chocolate cupcake with a fiery chocolate buttercream, Think of a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate mixed with the spice of cinnamon heart candies and you've got this cupcake! It is the perfect treat to warm you up from that blustery February weather swirling outside. If you're craving something dangerously delicious, bundle yourself up against the cold and head on over for something warm and sweet! If you don't feel like struggling into those Canadian-Winter grade socks, boots, mitts, parka, and tuque, or if you're not part husky, don't worry - we deliver!